SGBC Carbon Footprint Course: Assessing the Carbon Footprint of your Organisation

Assess the environmental impact of your organisation, and gain the foundational skills needed to compute and prepare carbon emissions data for sustainability reporting, or the skills needed to produce a simplified assessment report to communicate a product’s carbon footprint.

Carbon is fast becoming a global key metric to address and communicate sustainability. The decarbonisation of an organisation’s operations also helps in improving a company’s reputation and branding among investors and customers. As goals increasingly shift towards Net Zero Carbon, demand is growing for action from organisations to mitigate carbon emissions in their business operations. In today’s corporate world, the ability to understand and effectively communicate your organisation’s policies and actions towards sustainability and decarbonisation are key skills that will put you at the forefront of organisational goals.

Recommended for office managers, quality management team, corporate real estate professionals, sustainability professionals, individuals keen to learn about carbon reporting.
Join SGBC's Assessing the Carbon Footprint of your Organisation Course to learn how to assess the environmental impact of your organisation and gain the foundational skills needed to compute and prepare carbon emissions data for sustainability reporting.

Course Objectives: Equip participants with an understanding of organisational GHG emissions, basic emissions calculations using fuel invoices and electricity bills, and the ability to apply these skills in: Target-setting for ISO14001:2015, and carbon disclosures for sustainability reporting and other frameworks

Participation in online discussions and groupwork are included in the course, and an e-Certificate of Completion will be sent to you via email at the end of the course (provided the participant clocks at least 75% total course duration).
Course Requirements
  • Attendees are required to access the training course through their laptop/desktop computer.
  • Basic MS Office software (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) must installed and ready for use on your device for discussions and basic calculations.
  • Webcam must be enabled throughout the course.
Course Fees (incl. GST)
SGBC Member: $305.20
Green Mark AP: $305.20
Non-Member: $545
Continuing Professional Development Points
1 Day
Virtual Learning (Zoom platform)
Classroom Learning (Venue to be confirmed)

 Course dates 


22 January 2024
Virtual Learning

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Classroom Learning

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Virtual Learning

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Classroom Learning

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Note: This course shares a common half-day module with Assessing the Carbon Footprint of your Building Product.
If you would like to attend both courses, email for more information.
About the Trainer

Grace Cheah

Managing Director, Sustinere Pte. Ltd.
Grace Cheah is the founder of Sustinere Pte. Ltd., which provides sustainability-related consulting services to clients across various industries, on topics ranging from safety, environment, supply chain, to labour and ethics issues. Sustinere was the first to introduce ISO 14064 accredited training to Singapore in 2018 which is commonly used as a standard for quantifying, monitoring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions.

Through her experience in working with various environmental standards such as ISO 14064, ISO 14067 and ISO 14001, as well as sustainability reporting frameworks such as the GRI Standards, Grace has a macro overview of various carbon reporting disclosures, and what organisations can do to implement sustainability initiatives.

Grace has 12 years of experience in consultancy and auditing for various management systems and holds a Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (DACE) and is a Lead Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner. She was a member of the Singapore Working Group on Development of Greenhouse Gas Accreditation Scheme, and has delivered training for the Singapore Stock Exchange – Global Compact Network Singapore (SGX-GCNS) Sustainability Reporting Workshops and conducted external assurance on Sustainability Reports and Integrated Reports for various companies in South East Asia.

Grace holds a M.Sc. in Biochemical Research from Imperial College London and a B.Sc.(Hons) in Biotechnology from University College London.